Data Integration Developer

As the magnitude of data available to organisations is growing exponentially, Data Integration Developers are key members of the analytics team who prepare relevant data for analysis. They collect, transform, cleanse and store data in preparation for reporting and analysis.

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You should have the capability to understand how large data is stored and organised. Fundamental understanding of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), SQL skills and the essentials of Data Warehousing concepts are required to start your career as a DI Developer. While varied academic backgrounds are acceptable, demonstrating above skills in this area is essential.

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As the Large and Big Data phenomenon unfolds, career opportunities for those responsible for harnessing data for Analysis are growing exponentially. Beginning as part of the team responsible for Data Integration from various Data sources primarily with structured data in RDBMS systems, you will grow to lead teams responsible for this. Going forward as you develop expertise in harnessing larger data, both structured and unstructured, an exciting and highly rewarding career in this challenging area will unfold for you.

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The comprehensive certificate program as SAS Data Integration Developer covers SAS programming, SAS Data Integration and SAS Business Intelligence Studio leading to certification as SAS Certified Data Integration Developer. Additionally, the program takes you through the essentials of Data Warehousing, RDBMS and SQL concepts. It includes two SAS Global Certifications.

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